The First Accessible Tourism and Barrier-free Access Guide Portal in Malaysia

The First Accessible Tourism and Barrier-free Access Guide Portal in Malaysia

Darcy and Dickson (2009, p34) defined accessible tourism as:

Accessible tourism enables people with access requirements, including mobility, vision, hearing and cognitive dimensions of access, to function independently and with equity and dignity through the delivery of universally designed tourism products, services and environments. This definition is inclusive of all people including those travelling with children in prams, people with disabilities and seniors.

Therefore, is a non-profit website that aims to be ‘frontrunners’ in the promotion and practice of accessible tourism. We wish to provide and improve the accessibility of tourist information, transport, infrastructure, design and service for visitors with all kind of access needs, with rating the seven fields on their accessibility. The seven fields mentioned are tourist spot, shopping mall, transportation, leisure, facilities, education centre and government agency.


Our Objective:

  1. Provide the most appropriate guide on accessible environment for disabled.
  2. Encourage accessible tourism in Malaysia.
  3. Increase public awareness upon accessible design and its importance towards a universal design community.
  4. Increase knowledge of relevant unit on accessible design and therefore improve their facilities for better future.

Target audience:

  1. Main target audience is disabled in Malaysia.
  2. Disabled from oversea who wish to pay Malaysia a visit.
  3. Government and private sector in service field to improve their facilities.



  • Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
  • Beautiful Gate Foundation For The Disabled
  • Our mission statement is “Become a major Information Technology (“IT”) service provider in the small & medium enterprises (“SME”) sector”